Merchandising – 'Fashioned to Sell'

'Secrets you can't live without'

HEDDY BING is an award winning store designer with over 20 years experience with window displays and merchandising.  You’ll learn the basics of the “Trade”, supported by her vast inventory of images.

  • Do you have great products but aren’t sure where or, how to place them?
  • Are you getting customers to come in your store, but they don’t buy?
  • Does your store look cluttered – even though you organized it?

If you’ve said “Yes” to any of these questions, she can help you!

If you would like your store to fill you with pride every time you walk in, become a client. On-line or In-person.

Pricing is determined by client needs.

These workshops include:

  • a step by step booklet to take home with you
  • a Guarantee that you will walk away knowing how to IMPROVE THE LOOKS OF YOUR STORE  and INCREASE YOUR SALES!

Take advantage of our workshops.