Free 15 minute telephone consultation

This is a ‘one time only’ opportunity to learn anything you want to know about your store – from a visual presentation aspect.

This is by appointment only.  CLICK HERE to Schedule a Consultation. You can send some photos by email ahead of time, or just call to ask the questions you’re concerned about.

Following this telephone consultation you may sign up for a Design or Consulting package but, there is NO obligation. Click here to download the Retail Consulting Services Package.

HEDDY BING is an award winning store designer with over 20 years experience with window displays, merchandising, mannequins, fixtures, and all aspects of Store Design.  She has worked in Canada, the USA, and in Asia with international clients.

We work with small, medium and large Retailers – each is unique!  We approach every project with an open mind ready to create an optimal visual experience for your customers.

  • Wondering where your cash desk needs to go?
  • Wondering how many mannequins you need?
  • Wondering how to improve your traffic flow?
  • Thinking about renovating or buying a new location?
  • Wondering how to get new ideas for Window Displays?
  • Wondering about signage, hangers, hang tags?
  • Wondering about lighting?

These 15 minutes are for you!


Book this FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.